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Lets talk about, “The importance of being jobless”

Does reading this sentence shock you? Are you afraid to quit your job, because you’re afraid of being jobless?

Your mind is probably rejecting this statement. How can being jobless be important? Right from childhood, we’ve been told that its important to be “busy all the time, work hard and not be idle” and being jobless is something negative.

As I see it, Passion is nourishment for an idea and Nothingness is the fertile ground in which you can grow. There is nothing in a seed that says its going to become a flower, yet they bloom. Translation: If you doubt yourself, you will never bloom because you will never plant the seed of your ideas. Every child is curious, and every man is passionate. That ‘empty space or nothingness’ is the most fertile ground for new ideas to flourish, new careers to be explored and new businesses to be built. You can never build something new for yourself if you never give yourself the leisure of an empty space.

Why settle for something  when you can possibly have everything? It does take courage, a price to pay, to destroy what you have so that something new can be created out of the destruction. Creative destruction.

Save some money, quit your job, write that mail to your boss, today.

Parents, relatives, friends, and partners want you to achieve security and status and understandably, they advise you against it, but you? you want freedom and passion for yourself. In this, conflict of interestPrioritize yourself ; You’ll be thankful later. Save some money, quit your job, write that mail to your boss, today, And become jobless. Do not be afraid if you feel like doing nothing for the next 2 weeks after you’ve quit, its natural, let the shock be absorbed and the tired habits be broken down. Your energies will build back in slowly and refocus, which you can materialize in activities  that you love to do. 

Invest in yourself, upgrade yourself

Welcome to this blank canvas of time. Use it to do what you love. Read a lot of books, attend training programs. Invest in yourself, upgrade yourself. Your life will turn around. Give yourself that space, to think, to rest, to read, to ponder, to travel, to eat better, to be fitter and I promise you, out of this space, your dreams will begin to take form.

Have you ever driven a car? To accelerate, you have to change gears by releasing the accelerator, and pressing the clutch. If you want to go faster, to the higher gear, you have to release the accelerator for a few seconds again. Your break, your sabbatical, your joblessness is just that. You need it to change the gears of your life and your career.

Everyone will doubt you ask you to stick to what you have already – because something, no matter how nonsensical, is better than nothing, but job where you do not feel dedicated, devoted makes you feel mediocre at best, and gradually becomes boring, repetitive, and toxic.

That is why, I ask you to repeat after me- Nothing is better than Nonsensical’.

Only from nothing, can arise something new

Only in silence, can music be created

Only from darkness, can light be shone

Only from solitude, can love be appreciated

Only on a blank canvas, can you bring to life a beautiful painting

And only from joblessness, a beautiful career can be discovered

That blank space, that silence, that boredom is just a ‘pull back’ before you ‘shoot off.’ Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Don’t ask anyone for advice. Don’t be afraid of losing your friends or disappointing your boss. Remember: No one improved their life by just sucking it up and sticking around, No one got their dream career by working hard on something that they do not love. If you never take that risk, you will never know what risk-takers (like me) end up achieving: “Risk hai to Ishq hai.”

Quit your job. Trust yourself. Just do it.

GUEST POST ~collaborated with a close friend of mine on this. 


  1. I found this pretty interesting. Scary proposition, but could not stop myself from reading all the way till the end. But exciting too, actually. Shared on LinkedIn. Those are the people who might want to read this kinda stuff 😂

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