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What, pray-tell, is ‘asked and answered’?

Everyone can use advice sometimes, and I would be honored to be your ‘agony aunt‘. HMU with your Qs and I’ll send in life-saving As! I also love talking about my life, my own hardships and likes or reccomendations, so go ahead, ask me anything!


A quote you try to live by?

What if who I hoped to be was always me?

What is the best thing about how your parents raised you?
They taught me right from wrong, the importance of knowing the difference, and to not follow in anyone’s footsteps if what they were doing, wasn’t the right thing to do.

Book recomendations?
Amongst the classics, I would suggest, ‘The Great Gatsby” and, though I don’t read self help books, I found “How to be a bawse” by Lily singh, a great read.

What are two qualities you have that most people don’t?
Excellent understanding of time management, and conversational skills. I’m also very persuasive.

Three guys you find attractive?
Well, my boyfriend. The actor, Robert Pattinson. The Riverdale character, Jughead Jones. I mean personality, rather than just appearances.

Which ‘friends’ character do you relate to the most?
The character I ‘relate’ the most to would have to be Monica, with her penchant for being liked by everyone, her obsession with cleaning and her scrappy nature but the character I liked the most has always been Chandler Bing.

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You can also email me or DM your questions on instragram.

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